Google,tata sponsored GOAN GSB FRAUD CBI employee housewife riddhi nayak falsely claims to own website

Though the google, tata sponsored GOAN GSB FRAUD CBI employee housewife riddhi nayak does not want to invest any money online or do any work online the pathological liar goan GSB FRAUD MAFIA of caro, mandrekar, nayak falsely claim that the GOAN GSB FRAUD CONWOMAN owns the websites of a single woman obc engineer the goan gsb fraud mafia has defamed for the last 6 years, to get the goan gsb fraud a monthly salary from cbi.
To prevent their fraud being exposed, the goan gsb fraud mafia, google deindexed all the websites of the domain investor exposing their associate goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak , except a few like home comfort where there are details of a springfit mattress, which these shameless goan gsb fraud officials falsely claim belongs to the goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak. The springfit ad on the first page of sunday times on september 25, 2016, has a model who is bearing a striking resemblance to the goan gsb fraud cbi employee riddhi nayak,

In reality the goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, nayak,mandrekar, in indian intelligence and security agencies, are proving the british premier winston churchills’s prediction about the cruelty and hypocrisy of brahmins in India to be true when they make their fake claims, When the goan gsb fraud cbi employee riddhi nayak is not investing any money online or interested in paying the market price for the website or doing any work online, why are the goan gsb fraud and other officials falsely claiming that she is owning the website of another woman, a harmless obc single woman engineer, to get her great privileges.

Can the fraud cbi employee riddhi nayak provide any financial proof that she owns the website, when will she end the financial fraud.

Mobile towers as a source of income

Many of the future cellphones available will include wifi for connecting to the internet. However to get connected to the internet using cellphones good signal strength and infrastructure will be required, more mobile towers will have to be built. Good infrastructure, roads, amenities, low crime rates, a reasonably fair legal system, are the pillars of prosperity in any nation for centuries
Many mobile companies are offering a good rent to property owners who will allow a mobile tower to be installed in their property or land. However a long term contract will have to be signed and radiation may create health problems

Comparing expenses of teaching and working online

In a clear indication of the rampant exploitation of paypal account holder, foreign exchange earners in the indian internet sector, powerful fraud ntro, google, tata officials are falsely claiming that various well connected women are working online for a paypal account holder to give all these frauds great powers, a monthly salary and deny the real paypal account the opportunities she deserved.
The real paypal account holder is not compensating any of these google, tata sponsored frauds in any way, yet the indian government blindly believes the complete lies of the shameless powerful google, tata, ntro, cbi officials.
Unless it is a family member who has done a lot , no one will even teach a student for free, because time is money, on what basis are the pathological liar google, tata, ntro, security agency officials, especially in goa, falsely claiming various well connected women are working online.
The cost of teaching a student is fairly low , only paper, and some stationery will be required.
On the other hand, a lot of expenses are required to do any kind of work online, a laptop or computer will be required costing at least Rs 10000 and a monthly internet connection cost at least Rs 400 a month.

When all parents do not expect others to teach their young child for free, on what basis are the pathological liar tata, google, ntro officials falsely claiming that various well connected, good looking housewives and other frauds are working for the paypal account holder for free for more than 6 years, when they will have to invest a fairly large amount only to be connected to the internet.

Why does the indian government blindly believe the complete lies of the tata, google, ntro officials who continue falsely claiming that well connected frauds, GOAN SEX EXPERTS are doing work, when the money trail clearly indicates that there is no financial connection at least for the last 4 years between the tata, google sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees and the real paypal account holder

Large companies expect small biz owners to tolerate their financial fraud

In the indian internet and tech sector, large companies allegedly google, tata are extremely unethical and expect small business owners to quietly tolerate their slander and financial fraud. The google, tata officials had in goa repeated their lies for so long that most people were duped and believed that they were telling the truth, when all the stories were completely false.
Even for teaching small children where there are no expenses, people will charge money, for doing any internet related work, investment in laptop, internet charges are to be incurred, why will any one work for a stranger or a person they hate for free
Yet some fraud tata, google officials have been making up completely fake stories that various women are working for a domain investor, Paypal account holder in a cheap attempt to ruin her reputation, deny the domain investor the opportunities she deserved

SEX BRIBE TAKING NTRO officials making fake service tax allegations

The fraud SEX BRIBE taking liar ntro officials led by j srinivasan, are making completely fake allegations of service tax evasion to justify their exploitation , cheating, atrocities, on a harmless domain investor for the last 4 years. when the revenues are not likely to be more than 10 lakh yearly the domain investor is not required to pay any service tax at all, yet these officials are giving small sponsored post orders, usually of Rs 1700 a month or less and the falsely claiming that the domain investor has to pay service tax on the entire revenues, which is mainly from domain sales .
In India for annual revenues of less than Rs 30000 from sponsored posts, no taxes are to be paid at all , yet the incompetent dishonest NTRO officials are always looking for an excuse to defame, cheat and exploit the harmless domain investor, so they are making fake allegations of service tax evasion.
Voice to skull technology is being used by ntro officials to harass, defame, torture the domain investor that she will get only 50% of her retirement savings of twenty years (mostly from salary), which indian governmenmt officials have stolen without a court orders, falsely claiming that she evaded service tax. In reality when the revenues were high, there were almost no sponsored posts and anyway exporters do not have to pay service tax. There are many investment to be made to get a sponsored post order, like domain name, webhosting which are fixed, so the actual service tax part is relatively less.

These dishonest ntro officials also fail to realize that service tax is only calculated for a particular financial year , if a person is providing a service in 2016, they cannot falsely claim that the person was providing the service 10 years ago, as the business model may have changed.

The records show that only in 2016 some sponsored posts were made, yet the shameless fraud liar google, tata, ntro officials are extremely vicious in wasting indian tax payer money to make completely fake allegations against a domain investor,online exporter, who legally does not have to pay service tax .

Only businesses with revenues of more than Rs 10 lakh pay service tax

NTRO is wasting a a lot of tax payer money hounding harmless Indian paypal account holders falsely claiming that they owe service tax , when their officials do not know the basic service tax rules
The indian government clearly states that only the businesses with a turnover of more than Rs 10 lakh have to pay service tax yet NTRO officials are hounding small online business owners, Paypal account holders whose revenues are far less than Rs 10 lakh per year for the last 3 years
These business owners are under surveillance and the indian government has details of all their transactions online and offline, yet ntro officials are abusing their powers to make allegations against harmless indian citizens and paypal to defame them as tax evaders so that they can cheat and exploit them
When it is extremely unlikely that the revenues are going to increase to more than Rs 10 lakh a year, as the indian government is wasting Rs 12-14 lakh a month for 6 years to reduce revenues, why is NTRO making fake allegations of service tax evasion against a small business owner who will be making less than Rs 40000 a year from reviews

Incompetent government officials waste tax payer money for 6 years

If officials cannot provide any legally valid proof to support their allegation against any indian citizen, or they should leave the person alone. After more than 6 years, these officials are not able to find any legally valid proof against a harmless single woman engineer, yet refuse to admit their mistake and leave her alone . They continue to make up fake stories , waste resources to monitor all her activities, circulate videos and photos trying to ruin the reputation of a harmless private citizen with no powers .
An official said that the indian government will put a person under surveillance only if he or she is important enough, they will not waste resources on a person who is really a fool or does not matter at all, india has a very large population . So though cbi, security agency officials may be defaming the harmless citizen for more than 6 years, the real reason the obc engineer is under surveillance is because someone powerful is afraid or jealous of her.

NTRO officials involved in financial fraud for domain names

Now in September 2016, again the obc single woman engineer and domain investor impersonated by 8-10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored R&AW,CBI, intelligence employees has to pay a huge amount for domain renewals and the financial fraud of NTRO officials again becomes apparent .
These NTRO officials are shamelessly abusing the great powers they have got as indian government employees to falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud goan sex partners, cheater friends and relatives, who do not spend any money online, own the domain names of a single woman engineer and domain investor, to get all these frauds lucrative intelligence jobs with fake resumes, fake investment .
Just because pathological liar google, tata, ntro, cbi officials are making completely fake allegations without any proof of black money, security threat against the harmless single woman engineer, it does not mean their fraud friends and relatives of these liar officials own the domain names of the engineer automatically or legally
After wasting a huge amount of tax payer the ntro officials are not able to defend their allegations after 6 years, yet they continue to make fake claims about domain ownership promoting frauds like sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, asmita patel and others, a major financial fraud.

Incompetent officials blindly believe data minining results

Increasingly for money laundering, security, officials are using data mining of financial and other data to short list the account or individual who will be guilty, However the criteria for selecting is not correct, as it does not consider new technologies and new government rules, or people who lead unconventional lives like spinsters . As a result in India, the lives of harmless innocent individuals are destroyed and a huge amount of indian tax payer money has been wasted because of data mining errors . Though data mining is considered to be an in demand technology, there are many loopholes which can be exploited to cause manipulated results.