Expose Government employees with fake resumes

Though Google falsely claims to be an ethical company, it is an extremely unethical company involved in endless impersonation frauds, especially of competitors like link sellers and online experts, to ensure that it retains its monopoly on search.
In countries like India, where corruption and nepotism levels are high, google has maintained more than 95% of the market share by bribing the ruthless shameless fraud ntro, raw, cbi and other government officials to steal the resume of brilliant experienced online experts, link sellers for their lazy greedy inexperienced fraud friends and relatives, to get all these frauds lucrative government jobs with fake resumes

Not only will the online expert, link seller be denied the opportunities and information he or she deserved, the 8-9 google sponsored fraud government employees with fake resumes, their relatives, friends, associates and lovers will defame, cheat, exploit and torture the link seller for the rest of his or her life, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to ensure that google will retain the monopoly and continue to make billion dollar profits. In the last decade many of the largest internet companies websites like myspace, orkut have closed, yet google has flourished, because it has manipulated the systems in most countries.

More details of google sponsored fraud government employees who are faking their resume, investment available at Imitator. If you know of any intelligence or other government employee with fake resumes, investment, please send details to nkinf@hotmail.com

No action against wilful defaulters

While small borrowers who do not repay their loans on time are harassed, many of the businessmen who take large loans of hundreds of crores will intentionally default on these loans as they have sufficient political clout to ensure that their personal and professional reputation is not affected. In India ,a businessman does not become big unless he or she has the backing of the intelligence and security agencies, and once they take the decision to promote a particular individual, they will cover up all their frauds. Find more details of loan defaulters at Debt and loan guide, how tax payers pay for the lavish lifestyle of some businessmen

Stolen samsung smartphone used for impersonation fraud, allegedly getting R&AW job

Samsung galaxy grand phone stolen while kept for charging at Regus Thane, and used for impersonation fraud, with the thief allegedly getting a lucrative R&AW job for making fake claims of owning the expensive samsung smartphone, having the resume, investment of the real samsung mobile phone buyer . The real buyer of the samsung smartphone was forced to pay the monthly emis for the stolen samsung galaxy grand phone, while the well connected fraud whose relatives and friends stole the smartphone gets a monthly R&AW salary as reward for the impersonation fraud in an indication of widespread fraud in intelligence agencies . Find out more about mobile phone theft, smartphone theft at Lost a Mobile , the true story of a stolen samsung galaxy grand gti 9082

Payday loans news and information

With security and intelligence agencies labelling those who lead a frugal life a security threat without any proof at all, most young people prefer to lead a lavish lifestyle often spending more money than what they make. As a result they are often short funds and require a payday loan for some quick money. Payday loans news has information about the latest payday loans, offers, interest, charges

Fraud government employee veena and her husband offering bribes to government officials

The government employee indore housewife veena has openly admitted that she does not use the internet extensively, has not registered a single domain name and does not have a paypal account, Yet the shameless fraud top cbi, ntro, raw and other intelligence agency officials are falsely claiming that she owns the domain names and paypal account of her relative, a single woman engineer, to justify the wastage of tax payer money paying veena a monthly salary along with other frauds

It appears that there is a major recruitment fraud in intelligence agencies, top officials will make completely fake claims about paypal account ownership, if the beneficiary will pay a commission on the government salary they receive monthly to the top government officials, Due to poor systems in intelligence agencies it will be difficult to expose the fraud

Simple audit will expose NTRO’s sex fraud

The extremely powerful ntro officials like to justify the great powers and monthly salary paid to the lazy greedy goan sex queens government employees obc bhandari slim jeans clad bsc sunaina, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar , falsely claiming that these goan sex bribe queens are domain investor and own the associated paypal account.
The indian government will be having the pan number and also bank details of these goan sex queens who are government employees getting a monthly salary. If these lazy greedy goan sex queens are actually getting payment through Paypal, the amount will be credited to their bank account and they will have to declare it in their income tax returns.
However though the most powerful intelligence officials like j srinivasan, puneet are making fake claims, a simple audit will reveal the goan sex queens government employees do not receive a single paisa as payment through paypal as they are too lazy and too mediocre to earn money from foreign customers.
However the lazy greedy goan sex queens are sleeping with some of the most powerful men in India, who are ruthlessly and shamelessly abusing their powers to falsely claim that their sex partners are paypal account holders

Is ntro willing to audit the finances of the sex partners of some of the most powerful men in India

Incompetent Security, intelligence agencies wasting far more money than money spent on engineers education

The incompetent dishonest unprofessional security and intelligence agencies are wasting far more tax payer money when they make fake allegations without proof against an experienced single woman engineer from a top college, to monitor, sexually harass and torture her for 6 years, than the indian government spent on the subsidized education for 4 years.
According to some websites, at top colleges like IIT, the indian government is spending Rs 3.4 lakh per year per student
To stalk, monitor all online and offline activities of a person, a detective will charge Rs 5000 per day
For a month of 30 days, the indian government is spending Rs 1.5 lakh or Rs 18 lakh per year
Now for 6 years, the harmless single woman engineer has been monitored by indian government agencies trying to find non existent proof

few people can afford to hire a detective for more than 10-15 days as the evidence they collect will be sufficient to take a decision whether the person is guilty or not. If the person is innocent, the case is closed. However incompetent, dishonest corrupt greedy intelligence agencies have wasted more Rs 72 lakh for 6 years , and still cannot take a decision. If they do not have proof, they should close the case, there are many more problems like the drought conditions dt

These cunning government employees ogling at the harmless engineer, keep repeating the subsidized education story, however at the most Rs 14 lakh would have been spent by the governmemt for 4 years education, while to please large companies in the tech sector the indian government employees are wasting more than Rs 18 lakh yearly stalking, ogling, sexually harassing and torturing a harmless civilian.

The harmless engineer has not broken any law, only corporates making million dollar profits, are interested to acquire talent and technology cheaply. When will the indian intelligence and security agencies be honest enough to tell the corporates to hire a detective to monitor the harmless engineer or pay the market price, instead of wasting indian tax payer money defaming, harassing, exploiting a harmless indian citizen.

Online ugly face open discrimination

The indian internet sector top officials will openly discriminate against online business owners, online money makers who are ugly, labelling them as a security threat, putting them under surveillance, monitoring all their activities and falsely claiming that all the work online is done by their lazy greedy mediocre cheater friends and relatives to get them lucrative government jobs with salary and pension.
In reality the lazy fraud friends and relatives of top officials do not do any work online, some do not have a computer or internet connection at all at home, yet the shameless top government officials, especially in ntro are shameless in making fake claims and cannot be questioned or held accountable for their great fraud. Get the latest stories of the discrimination faced by online uglypeople

no accounting of tax payer money wasted on human rights abuses

Few can match the cruel criminal officials, allegedly from google, tata in their terrible human rights abuses to ruin the health and finances of harmless innnocent indian citizens for their corporate goals.
These fraud corporates have got mediocre lazy greedy fraud women like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen sunaina, government jobs faking their resume including btech 1993 EE degree, investment, so that the cruel criminal relatives, friends, lovers and associates of these fraud government employees deploy the most sophisticated torture equipment in India to criminally attack the harmless single woman obc engineer who these shameless section 420 fraud government employees are impersonating and exploiting

In panaji, goa the cruel criminal officials controlling the torture weapons are particularly ruthless in torturing the harmless single woman engineer to cause great pain. Whatever work she does, she has to leave incomplete and move to another room repeatedly, How much money are these government employees in the area getting to torture a harmless citizen for corporate goals? In other areas the harmless citizen experienced no pain at all, indicating the criminal mindset of officials in a particular area.

Typically at least 50-60 attacks are made per day, and it would be interesting to know how much tax payer money is being wasted to torture harmless indian citizens for corporate goals by cruel criminal officials